Copyrights and Blockchain Solutions Ethereum

Copyrights and Blockchain Solutions

Copyrighting protects the physical and tangible manifestation of original ideas. Specific laws and regulations regarding copyrights vary within jurisdictions, but there are still common characteristics between them. Copyright in the Digital Age: The Problem Copyright enforcement faces unique challenges in the digital age. Original ideas can take physical form without being tangible. A great example can be found in the music industry. Today, songs exist purely as digital information, making it easier to be infinitely replicated and shared for free. These unique challenges are a result of new technology. However, technology can also provide solutions for copyright protection and enforcement. Copyright...
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Blockchain To Help Fishing Industry By Tracking Fish Origins Ethereum

Blockchain To Help Fishing Industry By Tracking Fish Origins

More and more people are focusing on the origins of their food. People are interested in where their food came from, what it ate, the legality of the supplier, and if they subjected to forced labor. A new technology, piloted by Provenance, is making the way we track food easier. The seafood industry will now be able to record when and where the fish were caught, processed, and sold. Before this technology, everything was documented through paper records. Provenance ran their trial from January to June 2016 in Indonesia, one of the largest tuna producing countries. “Mobile, blockchain technology and smart tagging were used...
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Swiss Finance Industry Consortium to Bring OTC Equities onto Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum

Swiss Finance Industry Consortium to Bring OTC Equities onto Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology moving into the financial sector has proven to be a beneficial and lucrative move. Leading a consortium of 45 companies in research and development (of blockchain usage within the Fintech sector) was a wise move by R3, the blockchain tech company. Moreover, blending technology with finances redacts human error and lowers the risk to all parties involved. Recently, a project led by IFZ/ Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts utilizing the Ethereum blockchain has come forward with a consortium of their own in the Swiss sector to bring OTC equities onto the Ethereum Blockchain. Mathias Bucher, Project Manager of this effort, wrote on Reddit: OTC Equities are traded “over-the-counter”, i.e., not...
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Ethcore Hosts Crypto and Blockchain Room at RustFest Ethereum

Ethcore Hosts Crypto and Blockchain Room at RustFest

RustFest, Europe’s first conference dedicated to the Rust programming language, will be held in the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. RustFest will take place Sep. 17-18 2016. The list of sponsors includes Microsoft, Mozilla, Aim, QiTASC, and Ethcore. Three topic rooms will be held at RustFest: Embedded- A playing field for Rust are embedded devices and the IoT. This room is dedicated to the embedded topic. Crypto and Blockchain- This room focuses on implementations of crypto and blockchain technology. Low stack- In this room, attendees can build their own parser or their own language. The sponsoring company, Ethcore, will be hosting the Crypto and Blockchain room at RustFest, which will focus on crypto...
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