One Bitcoin Helps One Family Get Through Dark Times

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It all started with an email.

One night(June 4), when I was closing my eyes while meditating, my phone was suddenly ringing on an incoming message. (I knew I should have turned off my cell phone!) It was an email from a stranger with the title of “”.

The email reads:

Hi Cindy,

Do you have an email address for support?

huobi is no longer supporting btc. I chatted with them via their site

and they kept insisting they have nothing to do with bitvc and could not support me.

My inquiry is in regards to getting my coins off as they stopped withdrawals abruptly with no email to us. We are in the Philippines and never touched Yuan i.e. bitcoin only account yet they seem to be blocking us from getting our funds / btc.

I tried calling bitvc re my account user id 181612 at 86 4000-685-598  but they could not speak English despite the site claiming they support in english.  This is absolutely appalling that huobi would cut off support via email. They completely distanced themselves from bitvc. You can’t even reach them via and when you go to chat they refuse to help.

Recently we have had a death in the family and desperately need those funds but it seems like bitvc may never return them. I wrote the PBOC but their email bounces as mailbox full.  We have funeral expenses to pay and are under severe hardship here. I TRUSTED huobi to back up their word and only place funds at bitvc knowing that huobi stood behind them.

Can you help us reach out to huobi or bitvc regarding this matter as we are in really bad shape at the moment.


Pete Marino of


One Bitcoin Helps One Family Get Through Dark Times

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