UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic

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UPDATE: Oct. 5, 2016 6:13 a.m. PST – Apple has approved ETC trading. ETC is now live on all Jaxx’s devices and platforms with iOS.

We will update when more information is available.

Sept. 12, 2016 – 10:55 a.m. – Apple’s restrictions toward virtual currency continue to grow.

Last week Jaxx wallet confirmed that Apple would not support EthereumClassic on the wallet’s iOS version. The news came hours after Jaxx officially announced its support for Ethereum Classic. The Canadian-based wallet is no stranger to Apple’s lack of support. Just a week before the rejection towards ETC, Apple told Jaxx to remove DASH from its wallet.

According to Jaxx’s CEO, Anthony Di Iorio, Apple will only support specific virtual currencies.

UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic

Anthony Diiorio


Received official word from Apple. Only approved coins on @AppStore - . Mindboggling.

It is not clear why Apple is only supporting these currencies and denying Ethereum Classic. Apple’s support for the DAO is also an unusual concept to grasp for those deeply embedded in the virtual currency community. Either those at Apple do not pay attention to the events that have been occurring, or they feel the DAO is stronger than ETC.

Di Iorio stated that other platforms supporting ETC would not be impacted.

Jaxx is currently working to add over a dozen more coins to their wallets. They will not let Apple’s restrictions hold them back from working on their seven other platforms.

UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic

Technium Unlimited@TechniumUnltd

Which means that good, bad in reality ;) Leave that @apple product behind! @Android

UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic



We will move forward according to our own mandate. It's apple's loss.

Not only has Apple restricted certain virtual currencies, they also removed a trading app.

Over the weekend, multiple Reddit users noticed ShapeShift missing from their iPhone. When they searched through the store, they came up empty. Even the App Store link on ShapeShift’s official site failed to download.

ShapeShift, which allows users to trade through dozens of virtual currencies without creating an account, confirmed the removal this morning:

UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic



Apple removed ShapeShift from the App Store, since we allow "unapproved" blockchain assets. We have a plan to get it back. Use website 4 now

This decision affects Jaxx wallet. Back in June, Jaxx had integrated ShapeShift into its wallet to allow smooth currency trading.

Jaxx wallets and trading apps are still available on Android platforms.

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