WeiFund: A Kickstarter in a Box

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Demo Day, a day dedicated to blockchain and Ethereum startups and investors, will have around 31 projects presented during International Blockchain Week.

WeiFund, a decentralized crowdfunding company, is rumored to present on Demo Day. WeiFund describes their service as a “Kickstarter in a Box.” They provide YouTube and Vimeo support, type categorization, trusted reviews, contribution limits, and secure money transfer mechanisms. Unlike conventional crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, WeiFund utilizes a smart contract network where donations turned into complex agreements.

WeiFund also leverages web3 enabled technology to provide comprehensive crowdfunding solutions and believe that over time, they will be one of many crowdfunding platforms available on web3.

In addition to giving campaign operators a broader range of possibilities when they raise funds for their project or organization, contributors will also receive benefits. Contributors will earn digital assets that can be tradable and are securely verified by the smart contracts around them. Due to their web3 utilization, WeiFund is extensible and can interact with any compatible token system.

How it Works:

To use the WeiFund decentralized app (dApp), users will first open WeiFund in a web 3.0 enabled browser such as Ethereum's Mist. A user would then immediately be able to start, contribute to, browse, and manage crowdfunding campaigns. WeiFund's interface and user experience will be very similar to that of conventional crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, however, all funds raised on WeiFund will be accounted for in the Ether digital-currency. Web 3.0 enabled browsers will come with their own wallet systems so that payments made on WeiFund to start and contribute to campaigns are done so in a secure and verifiable way.

To read their GitHub, click here.

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