Ethcore Hosts Crypto and Blockchain Room at RustFest

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RustFest, Europe’s first conference dedicated to the Rust programming language, will be held in the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin.

RustFest will take place Sep. 17-18 2016. The list of sponsors includes MicrosoftMozillaAimQiTASC, and Ethcore.

Three topic rooms will be held at RustFest:

  • Embedded- A playing field for Rust are embedded devices and the IoT. This room is dedicated to the embedded topic.
  • Crypto and Blockchain- This room focuses on implementations of crypto and blockchain technology.
  • Low stack- In this room, attendees can build their own parser or their own language.

The sponsoring company, Ethcore, will be hosting the Crypto and Blockchain room at RustFest, which will focus on crypto and blockchain technology and their implementations within Rust.

Robert Habermeier of Ethcore states:

We have a few activities planned:

  • Crash course in the Ethereum blockchain
  • Showcase: implementing smart contract storage
  • Showcase: a trait for consensus engines
  • Implementing custom smart contracts using Rust
  • Implementing smart contracts using the javascript-like Soliditylanguage

We intend for this to consist of a lot of loosely-structured time, and we'll also all be around if you have any questions about more in-depth architecture of a blockchain client, what our tech stack looks like, and other crypto/blockchain related discussion.

We'll start at 11:00 AM on the 18th, the venue will probably be but is still TBD.

For more info and tickets, click here.


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