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Fellow Binancians, In the world of blockchain, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Thus, a tailored blockchain is the best way to communicate ourselves. In just six short months, Binance has transformed into one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Additionally, we completed Binance Labs (a blockchain technology incubator), Binance Info (our Codex), as well as many other components that comprise the Binance ecosystem. We believe that continuously supporting high-quality blockchain projects is the best way to develop this industry. We will continue to improve this part, as we committed in our whitepaper. However,...
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Binance Opens Withdrawals for Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Binance

Binance Opens Withdrawals for Super Bitcoin (SBTC)

Fellow Binancians, Binance has opened withdrawals for Super Bitcoin (SBTC). SBTC will go through the same strict listing review process as any other coin. It will not be listed on Binance for trading by default. Learn more about Super Bitcoin (SBTC)! Thanks for your support! Binance Team 2018/03/16   Find us on Telegram: Twitter:
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Binance delists Mayweather-shilled cryptocurrency Centra Token (CTR) Binance

Binance delists Mayweather-shilled cryptocurrency Centra Token (CTR)

Shortly after the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) charged the owners of shifty cryptocurrency startup Centra Tech with fraud, leading cryptocurrency exchange desk Binance has announced it will delist the company’s CTR token from its platform. The crypto-trading platform said the following in an announcement on April 5: After proactively reaching out to the Centra Tech team to address our concerns and conducting thorough reviews of our findings, we have decided to delist the CTR token and the CTR/BTC , CTR/ETH trading pairs from the Binance exchange. Binance adds that it will remove all CTR pairings from its platform on April 8. The...
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