Copyrights and Blockchain Solutions Ethereum

Copyrights and Blockchain Solutions

Copyrighting protects the physical and tangible manifestation of original ideas. Specific laws and regulations regarding copyrights vary within jurisdictions, but there are still common characteristics between them. Copyright in the Digital Age: The Problem Copyright enforcement faces unique challenges in the digital age. Original ideas can take physical form without being tangible. A great example can be found in the music industry. Today, songs exist purely as digital information, making it easier to be infinitely replicated and shared for free. These unique challenges are a result of new technology. However, technology can also provide solutions for copyright protection and enforcement. Copyright...
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Track Ethereum Addresses with Twitter Ethereum

Track Ethereum Addresses with Twitter

A new project called EtherMeUp lets users track their Ethereumaccounts using twitter. Twitter is now a useful tool to search for pertinent information. EMU (EtherMeUp) will use their search for tracking Ether addresses. The project announced that they are in a “delicate stage but will be growing to become better and stronger with more interest.”  Users can now log into their Twitter accounts and send tweets: Just Tweet To add an ethereum account to track tweet: @etherMeUp #EMUadd i.e. @etherMeUp #EMUadd 0xb794F5eA0ba39494cE839613fffBA74279579268 To unfollow an ethereum account tweet: @etherMeUp #EMUdel i.e. @etherMeUp #EMUdel 0xb794F5eA0ba39494cE839613fffBA74279579268 Tweet and Follow These responses are sent via DM so you need to follow @etherMeUp in order to receive them. To get...
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Ethereum: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Ethereum

Ethereum: Rolling Out the Red Carpet

In this day and age, there is no escaping the entertainment industry. Just as we were getting used to one format, a new scheme takes over. This happened with theater, vaudeville, film, 3D cinema, Cinemascope, Blockbuster, Netflix, etc. The list goes on and on, and with new technology developing every day, we’re bound to see another change soon. That change might be found in the blockchain, or more specifically Ethereum. A new open source platform welcomes developers to build games, applications, and contracts all while publicly recording transactions. Through coding, a developer can create a more decentralized world. What does this have to do with the entertainment industry? Well, using...
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Meta-Tokens, ICOs and the Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum

Meta-Tokens, ICOs and the Ethereum Blockchain

A revolution has begun in finance that will have profound implications for capital markets, going forward. The traditional project financing model is slowly becoming obsolete. At the very least, the options available are increasing in size, scope and variety. Traditionally, anyone wishing to start a new venture was limited to financing options from centralised institutions and services, such as banks, venture capital and institutional players. The Revolution Begins: Crowdfunding The first iteration of a diverse ecosystem occurred with the arrival of crowdfunding platforms. Here, individual contributors from anywhere could share funds as they desired, and in any project they liked....
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UK-Based Fintech Startup to Launch Virtual Currency Index Ethereum

UK-Based Fintech Startup to Launch Virtual Currency Index

A track index will grant non-technical investors more opportunities to invest in virtual currencies than ever before. A London-based startup will launch, DLT10, a virtual currency index in the coming weeks. DLT Financial, in association with Tramonex, created the index to track the performances. It will also allow access of some of the top virtual currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company declared the tracker fund will support virtual currencies to become a more attractive asset to investors who do not grasp the technical knowledge. "We're really looking to bridge the gap between the existing blockchain world of tech and the more traditional institutional investment community," Dave Askey, co-founder of DLT Financial...
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UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic Ethereum

UPDATE: Apple Approves Ethereum Classic

UPDATE: Oct. 5, 2016 6:13 a.m. PST – Apple has approved ETC trading. ETC is now live on all Jaxx’s devices and platforms with iOS. We will update when more information is available. Sept. 12, 2016 – 10:55 a.m. – Apple’s restrictions toward virtual currency continue to grow. Last week Jaxx wallet confirmed that Apple would not support EthereumClassic on the wallet’s iOS version. The news came hours after Jaxx officially announced its support for Ethereum Classic. The Canadian-based wallet is no stranger to Apple’s lack of support. Just a week before the rejection towards ETC, Apple told Jaxx to remove DASH from its wallet. According to Jaxx’s CEO, Anthony Di Iorio, Apple will...
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Split Ether and ETC in Jaxx with One Click Ethereum

Split Ether and ETC in Jaxx with One Click

Jaxx wallet released an explainer video which shows users how to split their Ether and ETC with a few clicks. Jaxx Wallet now supports Ether Classic.  Since Ethereum’s hard fork, Ether has seen a divide in its currency. Users were left trying to figure out how to split their Ether into ETC or ETH. If users were holding ETH before the hard fork, their tokens exist in two separate realities in the form of ETH and ETC. Even though Foundation members thought the old chain would die out, ETC has remained strong. Jaxx wallet released a tutorial video which shows users how to split their Ether and ETC...
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DAO Hacker Donates Funds to ETC Development Team Ethereum

DAO Hacker Donates Funds to ETC Development Team

Earlier this week, the alleged DAO hacker moved their funds from the Ethereum Classic chain. While transferring the Ether, the hacker moved 1,000 ETC, approximately $1420 at the time of publication, to the Ethereum Classic’s development team. The address was originally listed by ETC member, Bit Novosti, as a donation address to help with future ETC projects. This donation kept many believing the theory that the DAO hack in June was an insider job. However, it was a small donation. The hacker stole over 3.6 million Ether, currently valued above $5 million. If this theory were true, the hacker would have sent a significant amount to the ETC developers. A logical reason for the...
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Finance 2.0 Crypto ’16 Event Focuses on Cryptocurrencies Ethereum

Finance 2.0 Crypto ’16 Event Focuses on Cryptocurrencies

On September 13, 2016, Finance 2.0 will join the crypto-verse with an event that focuses on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain with leading experts discussing implementation and disruption. Finance 2.0 was started by Rino Borino and Patrick Widmer (founders of the company financialmedia) and Marc P. Bernegger (a serial web entrepreneur and Fintech investor). After talking about digitization, of the financial industry, they joined together to form the Finance 2.0 platform, which is devoted to pioneers and innovators of the Swiss Fintech scene. The Finance 2.0 Crypto ’16 event will take place in Zurich with a schedule dedicated to the blockchain technology. They will focus on how crypto-finance is changing the world. TJ Saw , of Ethcore, will lead a discussion on...
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WeiFund: A Kickstarter in a Box Ethereum

WeiFund: A Kickstarter in a Box

Demo Day, a day dedicated to blockchain and Ethereum startups and investors, will have around 31 projects presented during International Blockchain Week. WeiFund, a decentralized crowdfunding company, is rumored to present on Demo Day. WeiFund describes their service as a “Kickstarter in a Box.” They provide YouTube and Vimeo support, type categorization, trusted reviews, contribution limits, and secure money transfer mechanisms. Unlike conventional crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, WeiFund utilizes a smart contract network where donations turned into complex agreements. WeiFund also leverages web3 enabled technology to provide comprehensive crowdfunding solutions and believe that over time, they will be one of many crowdfunding platforms available on web3. In addition to giving campaign...
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